Zakayo Malekwa – from Olympic athlete to Lutheran pastor in Tanzania

Born in 1951 in a muslim family his father died when he was just three days old. Life could have gone totally wrong. But thanks to God, Zak found meaning and his vocation in life: bringing the good news of the gospel to some of the poorest people in Tanzania. From a famous Olympic athlete to a pastor for the poor – isn’t this an amazing life story?

Major successes in the 80’s including the African Championship in Javelin in 1982 in Cairo / Egypt
A great 3rd place at the Commonwealth Games in Brisbane / Australia in 1982
Zak represented Tanzania in 3 Olympics: 1980 in Moscow / Russia, 1984 in LA / USA and 1988 in Seoul / Korea
Pastor Zak with his wife in front of his house in Dongobesh / Tanzania
Pastor Zak with children from Dongobesh / Tanzania
Pastor Zak during outreach ministry in Mbulu district
Sunday service with Pastor Zak
Ministry in rural Tanzania
Sunday service in rural Tanzania