A Message from Pastor Zak

A Message from Pastor Zak

November 11, 2023 0 By Bridge of Hope Ed.

Pastor Zak and his wife Resilie have a big heart. They regularly take in needy children in their modest house. Sometimes they host more than ten children at a time. Martin Tango was one of the children in the past who grew up in Pastor Zak’s house, protecting him from becoming a street child.

Given the challenge of space, Pastor Zak decided to construct a small new office building which will now include a couple of rooms for his Mashahidi Ministry and a couple of guest rooms to make space for children and visitors.

Director Martin Tango and Arnd Weil in front of the new Mashahidi office building – Martin was one of the children growing up in Pastor Zak’s house

Together with several people from Germany, we decided to support Pastor Zak’s project by funding the roof of the new office building. Two weeks later, Zak sent us pictures where the roof work was completed. This is how development projects should flow…

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Simone Weil with Pastor Zak inside of the new Mashahidi office during our visit in Dongobesh