Karama School Rukoma / Tanzania

Children at Karama School

Rukoma / Rubale ward is located in Bukoba District with a population of 25,994 inhabitants (10,187 men & 10,461 women including 5,346 children (2,776 boys & 2,570 girls). Karama Primary School close to Nsheshe has a total of 510 pupils (240 boys and 270 girls) with 7 teachers, all men.

Our foundation is supporting a four year education program at Karama Primary School (started in October 2018). The project is mainly focusing on construction of 4 classrooms, procurement of 150 school desks, drilling of a borehole, hygiene training to pupils, construction of a library including procurement of book shelves and text books, and construction of pit latrine. For further details on progress please refer to our Blog here and here.

Karama School with new classroom building
Visit at Karama School

In addition to the project goals listed above our foundation is providing scholarships for children in need through our network of supporters. Education will empower these kids, their families, and their community to overcome poverty and will enable new perspectives for their lives.

Karama School kids with parents in front of new classrooms (January 2019)

The status of education in Rukoma is not promising as identified during community engagement and sensitization meetings. At present, most of the children have low chance of attaining functional literacy (reading and writing) at appropriate age. Children who have been affected the most include orphans, children from poor households and disabled children. Rukoma suffers from insufficient classrooms, desks, pit latrines, teachers’ houses, teaching and learning materials and understaffing of teachers. The main factor for these shortages is due to limited education funding from both partners and government.

Next steps – how can I help?

  • Sponsor a child through a personal scholarship
    • For €30 a month, you’ll help a child in the Rukoma community with their basic needs and enable them to visit Karama school
  • Support construction of new teacher house at Karama School > Project ‘Karama’
    • A total of $2,000 is still required on top of the budget currently provided by Stiftung Perspektive Hoffnungsbrücke. Any amount is appreciated to accelerate this work in 2020.

If you like to sponsor any of these activities or seek further information please find our bank details here or contact us for any further assistance.