Our Vision

Bridge of Hope – connecting people

Our name reflects our Vision: building a ‚Bridge of Hope‘ – connecting people, communities and organizations. A bridge between two worlds – our world and the world of others that we will connect with and support over time. A bridge of hope, to the benefit of everyone. To our benefit as we experience the love and hope of people in Africa and other places. And to the benefit of children as we support their life and development through high quality education (in line with UN Sustainable Development Goal SDG 4 – Quality Education). 

Our mission is to empower children to grow up in a secure environment, to enjoy high quality education, to take social responsibility and to build a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ for their lives.

We believe that God has provided every human with dignity and it is our responsibility to stand up for freedom and social justice in this one world we all live in. God loves children – they are kings and queens in his world:

Please see some further stories on our blog explaining how the idea of Stiftung Perspektive Hoffnungsbrücke” started to shape up and how a dream became true by serving these children.