My first impressions from Tanzania

My first impressions from Tanzania

October 19, 2018 2 By Simone Weil

Warm, sunny, colorful, joyful – these are words that come to my mind. Not only the outer look like colorful women clothes but even more the inner – the joy in the heart of the people we met. For example, I was very positively surprised about our local partners from World Vision Tanzania. Their faith in God guides them through their daily life. And also their prayers before any journey they start or action they take. 

The landscape is green and beautiful. Red roads are fenced by banana palms, mango- and avocado trees and many plants I’ve never seen before.

And along the roads you see people. Women carrying heavy buckets of water miles away from their home, children in their school uniforms on their daily journey to and from school, barefooted men pushing bicycles loaded with over 150 kilograms of bananas up hill to the next market place.

And you find straw-covered huts reminding me of pictures I saw in a book when I was a child. This is how I imagined Africa.

People who are poor according to Western economic standards are generous and have a big heart. And they like to share – big hospitality makes them rich.

I love this country and the people and I truely hope to come back soon.