LEA Ministry Dongobesh / Tanzania

The origin of LEA Ministry was highly driven by the personal experience, childhood and background of its founder and director Martin Tango. As a child, Martin was going through very hard times. He lost both of his parents and became an orphan at the age of 13. Like many other children in the Tanzanian society, he turned himself into a street child and vagabond addicted to alcohol and drugs. Eventually he found good people taking care of him, was spiritually healed and liberated from these hard conditions.

Because he was and still is strongly persuaded that all of this wouldn´t be possible without people who took care of him during the hardest time of his life, he decided to repay back and dedicate his life to helping children who are in the same position as he was. In 2005 he established LEA Ministry and opened a Pre- and Primary School in Dongobesh.

Simone & Arnd Weil with Director Martin Tango at Pre- and Primary School Dongobesh – on the ground of the new dormitory
A dream comes true – the new dormitory for LEA Primary School

LEA is an abbreviation of three Swahili words: linda, elimisha and andaa. Meaning to protect, to educate and to prepare Tanzanian children in order to build and mobilize future capacity for the community they live in.

The Vision of LEA Ministry is academic, moral and spiritual excellence. In other words it means that we dream that one day all Tanzanian children will have the opportunity to get good quality education, to take social responsibility and to build a solid foundation of faith in Jesus Christ.

The Mission of LEA Ministry is to protect the society spiritually, educationally and economically. This means to work hard in providing excellent education and spiritual guidance to the children so they will be able to obtain economically promising future not only for themselves but also for their families and society they live in.

Morning parade at Pre- and Primary School Dongobesh
Morning parade at Secondary School Dongobesh

“Bridge of Hope” is supporting LEA Ministry since 2018. The project is currently focusing on the construction of the new dormitory for the LEA Primary School in Dongobesh, where we financed the foundation, the roof works and the procurement of 200 beds. In January 2021 the LEA schools have become our pilot project for implementing an e-learning system. Please refer to our Blog for further details on the construction of the new girls dormitory and its opening ceremony, the new boys dormitory and the introduction of the e-learning system in Primary and Secondary schools. 

Children at LEA Primary School in Dongobesh
Dinner at LEA Pre- and Primary School
Children enjoying singing at LEA Pre- and Primary School
Gymnastics at LEA Primary School